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Quin69 Gets 5-Star Gem in Diablo Immortal After Spending Over $15k USD

quin69 legendary gem drop

Source: Quin69 Twitch Channel

One of the most sought-after items in Diablo Immortal is a 5-star Legendary Gem. It’s an item that offers powerful boosts for a character. Due to the game’s infamous monetization mechanics, players have noted it can take up to $100,000 dollars to fully gear up a character. Legendary Gems are among the rarest items in the game, so players are incentivized to spend real money to power their character.

Twitch streamer, Quin69, has been streaming Diablo Immortal since its launch to get his hands on this powerful item. For some reason, Quin has had the worst luck at getting 5-star gems to drop even with the amount of money he’s poured into the game. We’ve written before about him spending $10,000 and $17,000 and still being rewarded with no gems.

But that all changed today.

Quin gets a Legendary Gem

On his stream today, Quin would finally get a 5-star Legendary Gem. At the time of receiving the gem, he spent $24,995.58 NZD (or $15,870.66 USD). If Quin wants to fully gear his character, he’ll need another 5 gems. So based on his current spending, it would cost an additional $75,000 USD to complete gearing up his character for a total of $90,000 USD spent. Welcome to modern mobile gaming.

You can view his Legendary Gem drop in the clip below.

Quin criticizes Diablo Immortal

How would Quin go about celebrating his achievement that took weeks and thousands of dollars to achieve?

Quin would celebrate by promptly uninstalling the game. While uninstalling the game, he would tell his viewers to also delete the game because it’s “trash.

Quin would then go on Twitter and post a tweet jokingly thanking Blizzard for the “authentic Diablo experience.”

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