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Rakna-Kadaki Carapace: Location, How To Farm & Uses

rakna-kadaki carapace monster hunter rise

In Monster Hunter: Rise, the Rakna-Kadaki Carapace is a monster material dropped from Rakna-Kadaki. Learn where you can find the Rakna-Kadaki Carapace and its usage in weapon, armor, and decoration crafting.

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DescriptionHard, heavy Rakna-Kadaki carapace sometimes used in weapons and armor.
Sell Price3240
TypeMonster Materials
Hold Limit99

How to Get Rakna-Kadaki Carapace

Drops from Rakna-Kadaki or can be collected by Meowcenaries.

MonsterDrop Rates
Rakna-KadakiDropped Material Reward: 60%
Broken Part Reward: 50% (Head)
Carve Reward: 33% (Head)
Capture Reward: 25%
Target Reward: 17%

For players who want to farm the Rakna-Kadaki Carapace, we recommend focusing on breaking as many parts as possible while fighting with Rakna-Kadaki. Pierce damage is a great way to break lots of parts due to the size of Rakna-Kadaki.

Meowcenaries: High Rank Reward

MapNode Type
Lava CavernsRakna-Kadaki

What Rakna-Kadaki Carapace is Used For

The Rakna-Kadaki Carapace is used for crafting weapons, armor, and decorations, and upgrading weapons.

Weapon Crafting

Weapon NameWeapon Type# of Rakna-Kadaki Carapace Used
Fulgent Shot IHeavy Bowgun3
Lumier Bowgun ILight Bowgun5
Sublime Bell IHunting Horn3
Rakna Gunlance IGunlance5

Weapon Upgrades

Used to Upgrade WeaponsWeapon Type# of Rakna-Kadaki Carapace Used
Flash in the NightSword & Shield3
Biting Edge IICharge Blade4
Admiral’s ArbalanceGunlance3
Fiore Unu BlackGunlance3
Rielle NerissimoInsect Glaive2
Lumier Bowgun ILight Bowgun4
Weaver of Flame IIBow5
ConqueressSwitch Axe4
Rampage Cleaver IVGreat Sword2
Ro WagaDual Blades4

Armor Crafting

ArmorArmor Type# of Rakna-Kadaki Carapace Used
Aelucanth Brachia S / Rhopessa Brachia S (×1)Arms1
Rakna ArmguardsArms1
Rakna CoilWaist4
Damascus Mail Torso2
Aelucanth Vertex S / Rhopessa Vertex S Head1
Rakna HelmHead3
Rakna GreavesFeet5

Decoration Crafting

Decoration# of Rakna-Kadaki Carapace Used
Steadfast Jewel 12

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