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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Prep Guide & FAQs

monster hunter rise sunbreak prep guide what to do

Source: Monster Hunter YouTube

With Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releasing on June 30, here’s our guide to everything you need to do before starting Sunbreak. The good news is that getting access to Sunbreak is super easy. But for players who want to have an easier time with Sunbreak, it’ll help to do some prep work.

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How to unlock Sunbreak

In order to access Sunbreak, you need to beat the “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” 7★ Hub quest that sees you fighting against Thunder Serpent Narwa. This is the final quest that was available when the game launched. It’s an easy fight – especially if you have Guardian Armor.

Optional things to do before Sunbreak

For players who want to go into Sunbreak fully prepared, you’ll want to beat Valstrax, get new Dango recipes, and unlock all your Switch Skills.

Beat Valstrax

Valstrax was the final monster added to Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Since Valstrax’s armor is the most meta armor in the base game, it’s worth getting. You’ll have to increase your Hunter Rank to 100 in order to unlock the Valstrax fight.

Unlock Dango recipes

The Dango system offers powerful boosts that can make hunts much easier. You can unlock Dango recipes by completing some easy quests.

Unlock all Switch Skills

Switch Skills are unique to all 14 weapon types and offer powerful offensive and defensive moves to help you out against monsters.

You can get the Switch Skill quests from Utsushi in the Gathering Hub as you rise from Hunter Ranks 4-6.

Optional: Farm talismans

Due to the RNG nature of the Talisman system, we’re going to suggest that this is an optional task. Depending on your luck, you’ll get the right talisman for your build in a few attempts, or it might be a slog that takes dozens of hours to complete.

The early talismans you’ll find Sunbreak will likely be better than the best talismans available in the base game. So if you have time on your hands, then go ahead and farm talismans. Otherwise, it’s better to focus on unlocking Switch Skills and Dango recipes.

FAQs about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

We’ve seen a few questions pop up about Sunbreak. Here are the common questions and answers about Sunbreak.

How many monsters is Sunbreak adding?

Sunbreak is adding 16 large monsters to Monster Hunter Rise. The list of added monsters includes:

  1. Ceanataur 
  2. Daimyo Hermitaur
  3. Hermitaur
  4. Shogun Ceanataur
  5. Astalos
  6. Gore Magala
  7. Seregios
  8. Espinas
  9. Malzeno
  10. Blood Orange Bishaten
  11. Garangolm
  12. Lunagaron
  13. Aurora Somnacanth
  14. Magma Almudron
  15. Pyre Rakna-Kadaki
  16. Lucent Nargacuga (coming in Sunbreak’s first title update)

These are the 16 monsters that have been publicly announced. But we expect there to be a few surprise monsters added in that Capcom hasn’t shown off in trailers. For example, none of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne trailers showed off Seething Bazelgeuse.

How many new monsters are in Sunbreak?

Sunbreak adds 7 large monsters that are completely new to the series. The new monsters include:

  1. Malzeno
  2. Blood Orange Bishaten
  3. Garangolm
  4. Lunagaron
  5. Aurora Somnacanth
  6. Magma Almudron
  7. Pyre Rakna-Kadaki

What monsters are returning in Sunbreak?

Sunbreak will see the following monsters return from previous games in the series:

  1. Ceanataur 
  2. Daimyo Hermitaur
  3. Hermitaur
  4. Shogun Ceanataur
  5. Astalos
  6. Gore Magala
  7. Seregios
  8. Espinas
  9. Lucent Nargacuga (coming in Sunbreak’s first title update)

We expect there to be a few hidden monsters returning as well.

Will Sunbreak be on PC?

Sunbreak will release on PC and the Nintendo Switch on June 30. This is due to Capcom’s commitment to increasing its presence on PC.

Will Sunbreak have a physical release?

Sunbreak will not have a physical release on the Nintendo Switch or PC. It is a digital exclusive that must be downloaded.

Is Sunbreak cross-platform?

Sunbreak will not be cross-platform. Switch and PC players can only play with other players on the same platform. This is due to technical limitations that were put in during MHR’s development.

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