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G Fuel Reportedly Fires 7 Employees Who Filed HR Complaints About an Executive Using Slurs

g fuel executive slurs controversy

The gaming energy drink brand, G Fuel, reportedly fired 7 of their Partner and Talent Managers after they reported an executive to HR. The executive was accused of using derogatory slurs on a team video call. The executive is also accused of calling the team members, “lazy motherf*ckers.”

First reported by gaming industry analyst, Jake Lucky, a few former employees took to Twitter to announce they had been fired or had voluntarily left the company. Many of the fired employees were allegedly told the layoffs were due to a restructuring for the company.

What’s notable about the firings is that the employees who were fired were the same employees who reportedly filed complaints with G Fuel’s HR team about the executive’s slurs.

Per Mr. Lucky, “What I’ve been told is that shortly after the upper figure from G Fuel used the derogatory remarks and slur, some employees in the call sent complaints to HR, and within 24 hours all 7 managers were fired.”

G Fuel is reportedly banning Twitch viewers who are asking about the situation as well on its Twitch channel.

A quick summary of G Fuel

G Fuel is a brand that rose to prominence by promoting its products as energy drinks for gamers. G Fuel partnered with big streamers like XQC, Ninja, and others to promote its products to the streamers’ viewers.

Some streamers like Ninja would even receive their own exclusive flavors.

G Fuel employees speak up

Some tweets from now-former G Fuel employees mention that a few employees turned in their resignations after news of the firings were made known internally.

G Fuel is losing influencer partners

Some G Fuel partners have taken to Twitter to publicly announce they will no longer be partnering with the company.

G Fuel has yet to make a statement about the situation. We’ll add more to this story as it develops.

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